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An open letter

What is success? What was I destined to do? Why do some things never happen like we expected? Where do I start?

Over the years these questions have circulated in my mind time and time again. After knocking on the doorstep of Formula 1, having a contract to race in the worlds most watched sport, competing against the best of the best and getting to race at the top with my friends was a dream come true. At the end of 2009 these dreams came crashing down. I remember getting the call around Thanksgiving from the leaders of the team calling to explain its very unlikely we will make it to the grid and that I should begin to explore other opportunities. As you can imagine this came like a door slamming in the face. It’s what we dream of as a professional athlete to get to the top and live out those dreams. I struggled from that day forward to find a seat in motorsports surprisingly. I had put everything into making it to F1 and it didn’t quite happen. I managed to put together a couple seasons with different GT manufacturers but budget was always the talking point and factor. It’s in these times I decided to take a step back, look at life and figure out where I was to go from here. over the next few blog posts I plan on releasing a little more of my story, diving deeper into the struggles and sharing the happiness I have come to find.

My goal is hopefully to get other athletes that have experienced similar or athletes that have retired and are struggling today with the lifestyle away from competition and what we excelled in to share their stories also. So if you or someone you know would be open to this I would love to connect. I know going through this journey called life we meet so many great people and hop to meet you sometime and hear your story.

@Jamey Price photo credit

Through these coming posts, I hope to inspire, educate, and connect with my readers and share the feelings, passion, and struggles that happen daily for many of us and how WE are all similar and can be better together. This is the journey of life and happiness that we all strive to be the best at and believe we all share common things.

In search of success


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