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A New Start

Good ole Rocky Top..... Over the past few years I've stepped away from racing into building my business career in fintech and finance and have moved to Tennessee🏠. So much to catch up on but most of all excited to start helping others with things I've learned in my career from financial advice, career coaching, budgeting, family, and entrepreneurship.

Since 2012 I've been in business from being on a founding team of a crypto company to being involved in a fortune 100. Life has been full of ups and downs and has created so many new exciting opportunities. Stay posted with all the upcoming posts on life and happy to connect and be a sounding board. I've been inspired by multiple people and learned so much from just not being afraid to ask and connect with people and hope I can do the same answering your questions through my posts. Please message me on social media or through my website. My wife and I will be launching a new exciting project in the coming months along with some life changes happening we will keep you posted, but thank you for everyone's support and keeping in touch. Excited for the future and sharing our experiences and learnings and hope we can help you navigate life.


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